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Commercial Cleaning

  • Columbia Street

Service Description

Where other companies have failed, we relish on the challenge of being able to clean up to our standards and to meet your expectations. From cleaning to once a week or seven days a week, we will always deliver the same service standards and attention to detail in getting the job done right. We cater to different areas of this service, from restaurants, retail spaces, schools, residential properties and many more! Retail Space Let A5 Cleaning Services handle your cleaning needs to make your store sparkle, while you focus on the most important aspect which is growing your business! We will make sure that your business is presentable, clean, and sanitized. We understand that there are various types of retail businesses and we will prepare a recommendation that fits your needs. Restaurants We have set up a daily, weekly, and a monthly cleaning plan to make sure that all nook and crevices are cleaned and is up to our standards and to your expectations. Our professional cleaners are equipped with commercial grade cleaners to allow us to break down the areas that needs the most attention and as we continue to clean on a daily basis, those areas are easier to manage which allows us to move on to other areas of your restaurant. • Thorough carpet cleaning and hardwood surfaces • Clean and disinfection of all dining surfaces and chairs • Commercial grade use of supplies while being conscience of green cleaning • Deep clean of kitchen floors to remove heavy grease buildup

Contact Details

  • A5 Cleaning Services, Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada


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