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It started off as a long dream of how, one day we can make and build something to call our own. Through the tough events which has happened this year, we believe that it has made our company and team tougher and more agile to adapt, learn, and move forward. Our keen sense of attention to detail makes us a cut above the competition because we are never satisfied and our drive and tireless work ethic translates seamlessly in all the work that we do. 


A5 Cleaning Services is a professional janitorial company serving the BC Lower Mainland from Abbotsford to Vancouver. Our services are relied upon by property managers, home owners,rental tentants, and business owners to provide reliable, consistent, quality services at a competitive price.


We get the job done by:

  • Constant training and onboarding of new and existing staff as well as incorporating competitive wage and benefits.

  • Utilizing our resources in reaching out to previous work relationships to stay current on events and information to be on the right path.

  • Providing on-site supervision, client consultation, and utilizing technology as a means to better our communication to provide immediate action.

  • Utilzing commercial grade supplies and equipment while being conscience and making an effort for "green cleaning"


For more details look below and meet our dedicated and professional team. We look forward to work with you!

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